History of Matthes Construction

Peter Matthes, president and owner, graduated Roger Williams University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. The next 14 years were spent working for 2 architectural firms whose primary field of work was public construction. Peter specialized in the design and construction administration of K-12 schools and numerous types of municipal buildings. Here he excelled at making buildings “buildable” for tight construction budgets and stringent schedules for both new construction and occupied addition-renovations. In 2006 Peter joined Ford Construction Corp. Builders and Engineers to assist them with the construction of the new $35 million Medical Information Technology (MEDITECH) office building and new parking garage in Fall River. Upon retirement of Ford Construction’s owners, the company transformed into Matthes Construction. Peter Matthes and key personnel from Ford continue serving the long list of clients with the philosophy of integrity, team approach and controlled construction volume. Through Peter’s background in architecture, the company brings an exclusive ability to look at projects from both the eye of a designer and of a builder which enables us to provide an exceptionally unique service to the owner.